Paradise Dimmed

by Pinion

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Recorded at Dark Horse Studios in December of 2015.

Guest vocals on Absence by Gray Anderson of Knuckledragger (

Guest vocals on Sunder by Ethan Dickenson.


released March 9, 2016

Recorded by Alex Devor ( at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN in December of 2015.

Masterd by Jacob Jung (

Logo by Chase Wilson (

Artwork by Shelby McIntosh (



all rights reserved


Pinion Nashville, Tennessee

Blake Casper
Kelly Cook
Zach Wilbourn
Ethan Young
Ryan Johnson

Nashville, TN


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Track Name: Wallow
you have worms in your blood
swimming inside your veins
nothingness floating away
lost in creation
wicked and wrought
you couldn't keep up
push until you're stuck

wallow in guilt
quiet and senseless
the whispers in your brain are self-sustaining
the vectors of abomination

does this eclipse the past
false moral to the red herring
mislead fallacy
these crucial bones
further occupied
let slip your drone
in the mirror
nothing but grainy dismay

(fruit of a wicked breast)
no more
(this the salt of a tongue so dry)

you have worms in your blood swimming inside your veins
Track Name: Absence
absence of good
its a lobotomy
numb throughout
just sit there and breathe

staring at myself through another pair of eyes
detached among the ash
deteriorating with the smoke
this is old
this is new
this is us
crawling beneath us
around us
surrounding us
treading no longer

from me to you
and us to them
this is out of your touch
from our dull fingertips to your vacant mind
this is intangible

embodied in our conscious
course and taught
reliving our strain
strict in its change
stitched at the seams
wired and intertwined
demoralizing and mesmerizing
hierarchy immortalized
substance vertigo
loomed thread
arachnid like
cultivated behind our own eyes

resin twisted
we're losing it
lungs pulsating
christened without bliss

hail the old
hail the new
hail absence

the absence of good
Track Name: Sunder
cruel hands relentless
cruel minds unchanged
bone meets skin in unbridled rage

oral foam
jaw unhinged
fall victim
forceful binge

sockets ripped loose

bruises form on a papyrus skin
blood drips clean from a hungry claw
bites tear through from a guiltless maw

fragments adrift
cast in a frigid cage

mouths drip ceaseless in eternal gape
doubt serves such wondrous companionship
hairs plucked free from the scalp of being, one by one
gorge on the absence
wallow in the guilt
embrace the fever

my hands were clasped
my eyes were shut
my head was down
my hopes were up
i saw no light
doubt in my lungs
inhale the dust
i am in a hole

sunder with the visions of paradise dimmed
and from the opposite side of a print stained glass, a gaze

paradise dimmed