Pinion / Knuckle Dragger Split

by Pinion

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Recorded with Alex Devor at Dark Horse Recording and Yard Bird Audio in December of 2016. Artwork by Dominic Pabon.


released February 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Pinion Nashville, Tennessee

Blake Casper
Kelly Cook
Zach Wilbourn
Ethan Young
Ryan Johnson

Nashville, TN


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Track Name: Lithium Extermination
The end of love is birth
The end of sin is death

Retched out drenched and wrenching
From the maw of void, ejected into existence
Indentured to a life
Marred with paradoxical pain
Simultaneously revolting and intoxicating
Wretched thrall consume you all

Humanity becomes your nemesis
Mandated extinction

Without segregation
Total fucking annihilation
No salvation for the bastard oppressor
No forgiveness
Death ensemble

Lithium Extermination

Tortured soul bent on deicide
Wretched thrall
Entropy / ecstasy
Lithium breath
Tearing life away from me
Entropy / ecstasy

This mire of grief
Rises up around my feet
This mire of grief
Rises up around your feet

Tortured soul bent on deicide
Wretched thrall
Entropy / ecstasy
Lithium breath
Tearing life away from me
Entropy / ecstasy

Malignance in it's squalor
Hybrid hell and distorted disaster
Malignance in it's squalor
Chaos reigns

No fucking survival
Track Name: Kill Your Kind
Sovereign in it's fickle
Lord of the flies
Burnt into misanthropy
Minacious parasites
This cult
This covenant
Pendulums cover the streets
Firmly chained to the people's feet
You fucking Judas

Suffusing forward
Black mass
Dwelling deep
Lurking past
Be a coward
Eat your slime
Kill your kind

Washed body
Walk the steps
Of the soul case
Filed in inept

A sigh of elation
In the silence
Lungs knotted

I want to
Keep you

What did we see in the disgrace?


They sought shelter
Track Name: May I Never Speak Again...
Ache for me as i have bled for you
Strip me down
Suck my tongue from my mouth
Pull my teeth
Fuck me hollow

May I never speak again...

Is this how you love me?

Amoris Laetitia
Track Name: And Under the Breath of the Hound I Will Shudder
Chained my neck to the floor
Scratching and bleeding

A knife to my own reflection

I hate what I am
I wish I could be anywhere else
I wish I could be anyone else

I put my love for you
Under the guillotine
Now take a fucking look at what you've done to me

Bled out
Left to die

Choking on fur
Caring no more
Choking on fur
Chained to the floor

Pain won't cease

Fear floods a mass of meaningless lies
You turned your cheek and locked us away
Hideous souls covered up by plastic cheeks
Double chin and a broken smile
Thrown away forever baptized in shit
How can one love like this?
The bodies are pressed
The chains are short
My spirit is weak
Routine decays

I'm not fucking sorry
For a single word I've said

Heart has ossified
Your children need a family
No solace
No refuge
I will shudder

Under the breath of the hound

Why am I begging for you to give me a home?

The comfort of balance is fleeting
We fear for no progress at all
Oblivious to all the pleading
This burden weighs down so we crawl

Face pressed to the glass
The damage is already done
You've split me in two and we're troubled
That turning a blind eye has won

My gift of self has been raped

I am stuck
Bed of shit
Hide away
Losing it
Tears we've cried
Cutting wrists

Fuck you
You've ruined this
Our perfect home
Now flooded with piss

I want to fuck this place to the ground